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Lombardi is a world leader producing small and medium sized engines for Agricultural Machinery.

  • Engines range up to 50 kw
  • Both Air and Liquid Cooled

9LD625_2UK [967 KB]
11LD626_GB [143 KB]
12LD477_GB [206 KB]
15LD225_GB [249 KB]
15LD225sUK [529 KB]
15LD315_GB [258 KB]
15LD350_GB [258 KB]
15LD350S_UK [379 KB]
15LD400_GB [922 KB]
15LD440 S_uk [1.05 MB]
15LD440_GB [922 KB]
15LD500_GB [314 KB]
25LD330_GB [195 KB]
25LD425_GB [196 KB]
LDW702_GB [245 KB]
LDW1003_GB [349 KB]
LDW1404_GB [374 KB]
LDW1603_GB [264 KB]
LDW2204_GB [269 KB]
LDW2204T_GB [170 KB]
SILEO_uk [160 KB]

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