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We all know extraction and production facilities in the oil industry are often located in regions where extreme weather conditions are the norm. As a result, equipment and machinery always has to be performing at its peak making it essential that spares are readily available when needed.

Diesel Power has a longstanding reputation in this sector and maintains a continuing supply of equipment and spares for this for the oil industry which includes:

Actuators Additives Agitators Brakes Barrells Bearings
Belts Bits Cable Centralisers Chains Compressors
Crossovers Desilters Desanders Downhole eq Drawworks Drillpipe
Drilling Line Diesel Engines Elevators Filters Fittings Flanges
Gauges Gaskets Grapples Hangers Hose Indicators
Inserts Instrumentation Kellys Kelly Bushing Liners Lubrication Equipment
Mast Lines Manifolds Monitors Mud Overshots Packings
Paint Pipes Positioners Pumps Rams Recorders
Ropes Screens Shakers Seals Seperators Shackles
Slips Stabilisers Switches Tools Thermometers Transmitters
Valves (All) Wireline